Memphis, just be proud.


So much good is happening in Memphis each and every day. I’m so proud to call this city my home. For those of you who read this and have never been to Memphis, I hope you will consider stopping by our wonderful city full of caring and charismatic people. For those visiting for a weekend, I hope you stay longer. For those who are natives, I hope you grow appreciation stronger. And for those of you who criticize our city without even knowing or exploring it, I hope that through this post, you are able to see the good that our city has been noted for since January of 2013.

I wanted to share with everyone this post because we have so much going for us. We just have to open our eyes and see it. People all around the world seem to recognize what’s so great about our city, yet some of our locals can’t see past the 5-mile radius of their home. I hope that our citizens start to embrace who we are as a community. Our diverse community allows us to grow and learn from one another. We are recognized because we are unique. We are unique because we have citizens who invest their time and passions into making our city a better place. Not for their own merit or advancement, but for the betterment of our Memphis community.  And so I say to my fellow Memphians, just be proud.  We have so much to be thankful for.  The joy that surrounds our communities is something to be proud of.  The people who lead our city, educate our young, provide aid to our ill, care for our poor….be proud of them. Regardless of our opinions, they ultimately make our community a better place. For that reason alone, we should be proud.

The list below includes some of the reasons why I am proud to call Memphis my home. Of course, my list is most likely missing some things that our city was noted for in 2013 that I might have missed somewhere along the way. However, this list made me so proud of my city and how far we have grown since I was born here in 1989.

2013 was an unbelievable year for Memphis…and 2014 is looking up!

MemphisOnTop_2013_Social*for links to these rankings see the list below…

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Best Sports Franchise in North America -ESPN

Best Iconic American Attractions -USA Today

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Most Generous Cities in the US -Huffington Post

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Iconic American Food -USA Today

Top Enterprising Cities in the US -US Chamber of Commerce

Best Places to Live and Work as a Moviemaker -Moviemaker

Hottest Housing Markets in the US -CNN Money


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